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Leadership Development Coach,

Talent & Change Management, and

Learning & Development Pracitioner

Let's Work Together

Talent  Management &

Individual Coaching

Do you or your staff need developmental coaching support to meet organizational and personal goals?

  • 1:1; 1:Team coaching

  • Personality and Skills Assessments

  • Learning Plans/SMART Goal Setting

  • Team Building - Build/Restore Trust & Conflict Resolution

  • Leadership Development

  • Manage Resistance

  • Responsibility Charting

  • Project Management


Organizational Change Management

Do you need support diagnosing the problem or actualizing your vision?

  • Stakeholder Analyses

  • Strategy Development

  • Change Readiness & Culture Assessments

  • Vision Crystallization

  • Research & Development

  • Performance & Skill Assessments

  • Promotion/Role Change Navigation

  • Performance Reviews & Interviews


Learning & Development Workshops

Expand your adult personal & professional skills by attending learning & development lectures, workshops, events and retreats.. 

  • 60 min to 2+ hr learning experiences focused in

    • stress management

    • emotional Intelligence,

    • effective communication

    • building authentic relationships

    • DEIJ in the workplace

    • and more...

  • Interactive exercises, reflective periods and conversations that maximize learning & growth.



My name is Lindsay Friedman

the owner of Lindsay Friedman Coaching & Consulting, LLC and Lead with Lindsay ™️, an Organizational & Leadership Learning and Development program which support leaders , their teams, families and organizations manage change & talent by assessing their current reality, uncovering areas of improvement, facilitating learning & development and designing intentional systems for successful change.

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LOGO (1).png

A leadership development hub for individual contributors and first-line to middle managers


For those who find themselves currently outside the C-Suite, re-entering the workforce, battling burnout or interested in re-engaging with work and life

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- did you know -

“70% of factors that affect employee engagement are within the manager's span of control

- gallup



“Companies that actively manage their culture boost 40% higher engagement

- deloitte

If you're a part of the  66% of employees that consider culture and values as one of the most important factors in job seeking, then you're in the right place!

Schedule a free 30-min consultation with me to review your responses.


Let's get you (and your team) on path!

“...a growing body of empirical research showing that organizations that make extraordinary investments in people often enjoy extraordinary performance on a variety of indicators, including shareholder return

- harvard business review

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