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One of the most effective leadership development strategies is the Individual Learning Plan [data]. Performance goals that are small, specific and measurable are a good way to monitor and measure progress [data]. Setting goals motivates people and provides a metric for individuals, teams, and organizations to assess and measure their efforts, which determines if the work is purposeful, efficient, and meeting the objectives. [data; data]

The 360-Feedback Process &  Individual Assessments



This is a four phase process that includes quantitative data through a performance ratings worksheet, qualitative data through interviews and a detailed, user-friendly PDF report highlighting strengths, areas of improvement and preparations for creating your own Individualized Learning Plan (ILP)



Individual Assessments

A variety of personality assessments are available. They help us explore how you relate to others,  your communication style, emotional intelligence, approach to work and more.

Any data obtained prior to our time together will be reviewed and used as appropriate.

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