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From the objective insight of an Organizational Culture Assessment to the curated, deeply impactful trainings and workshops for leaders and staff.


Everything your team, department and organization needs to overcome cultural, intrapersonal challenges, and elevate & evolve together.

Open Workspace

Organizational Culture Assessment


An opportunity to discuss challenges, current initiatives, policy and structure and desired changes.

We review what's working, what's not and what successful change looks it so we can construct a plan for getting there.

Plan & Assess

Evaluate options for  personality & skills assessment and learning options. Develop plan, complete assessments & interviews and collect data.

Receive presentation of data with a user-friendly PDF report. Explore insights generated from data.

Review Report

Highlight individual and team strengths & areas of development. Uncover patterns to reveal learning and change management options.

Construct Individual/Team Learning Plan(s)  with S.M.A.R.T. goals measurement tools and timeframe.


Run experiments, install initiatives, participate in workshops and 1:1 coaching with the support of your learning plan.


Receive consistent support to address your biggest challenges and meet objectives.

Develop ongoing plan for learning & development post coaching engagement.

Lecture Series

Digital Courses & In-Person Workshops
  • Coping with Stressful Work Situations
  • Cultivating Emotional Intelligence & Self-Care
  • Resolve Conflict with Effective Communication
  • Equality in the Workplace
  • Building Authentic Relationship & Cultivating Trust
*Includes guided exercises, simulations*
Combines well with personality/skills assessments, 360-Feedback & executive coaching support.
Office Scene

EVOLVE Curriculum

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